Cassandra Almasy Counseling

Cassandra's Professional Training

* Licensed Professional Counselor #4287

*Member of the Louisiana Counseling Association and the Northwest LCA

* B.A. Psychology and Religion from Ashland University in

Ashland, OH

* M.A. Counseling with Marriage and Family and Mental Health Emphasis (Dual Track) from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA

Why Counseling?

Often times in life, people can experience seasons of pain and suffering.  They often have felt like they have tried to get through these seasons, but cannot manage without support.  Counseling is a proven effective way to discuss these challenges in a private, safe, nonjudgmental environment.  There are many situations where a person who is struggling with something can share their thoughts with a supportive third party and as a result can get the very help they need to come through that season and on to better days ahead.  Counseling often provides you just the help you need to be able to help yourself be successful in dealing with whatever struggles may come your way!